Register a company online

e- and m-Residents can establish and manage an Azerbaijan-based company entirely online. This is the best way to run a trusted, location-independent business with minimal cost and hassle. It also lets you become part of the cross-border Digital Trade Hub.


Benefits of starting a company through e- or m-Residency

Work online from Azerbaijan or anywhere else in the world

  • Digital signing among multiple co-founders makes business management and investment easy, even if your co-founders are located in different parts of the world
  • All contracts can be signed digitally, avoiding the need for paperwork and travel
  • All Digital Trade Hub cross-border e-services are in your disposal

Minimize costs and avoid hassle

  • Digital incorporation through trusted e- and m-Residency service providers is low-cost, fast and convenient
  • Azerbaijan has a rapidly growing economy and an attractive geographical location. It sits at the crossroads of multiple transport routes, digital economies and free economic zones
  • Bureaucracy and paper-based administration are eliminated, providing you more time to develop your business

How to establish a company

  • 1

    Become an e- or m-Resident

  • 2

    Submit your application to register your company using the secure online form

  • 3

    Sign the documents electronically

  • 4

    Pay the state fee and receive confirmation

Use our trusted service providers for faster solutions

Most e- and m-Residents choose to work with a business service provider to facilitate the process of starting a business. These business service providers can help you to obtain a legal address, navigate the business registry, offer assistance while obtaining a bank account, and more.